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Songs That Quote Other Songs by the Same Artist

Britney Spears Loneliness is killing me no more stronger

Some singers like to sneak in a cheeky reference to another one of their hits, and that’s what this playlist is all about! Some examples of this are:

  • In Britney Spears’ Stronger, she says “my loneliness ain’t killing me no more” in reference to Baby One More Time.
  • Usher sings “I got so caught up” in Yeah! as a reference to his song Caught Up.
  • In you should see me in a crown, Billie Eilish sings that she “fell for these Ocean Eyes“.
  • In Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix), *NSYNC sings “So tell ya man (Bye bye) and tell him you’re long (Gone)”, name-checking two of their hits.
  • In Numb, Eminem raps to Rihanna “I love the way you lie, girl” which was another song they collaborated on.
  • Another duo, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, reference Love Me Harder in their song off the table: “I can you love you harder than I did before.”
  • Lady Gaga sings “I wanna just dance but he took me home instead” in Monster, referencing her first single Just Dance.
  • In Bossy, Kelis says “That’s right I brought all the boys to the yard” as a reference to her hit song Milkshake.

Spotify Playlist:

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