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Songs With a Dramatic Pause


Here’s a playlist of songs with a pause in them. It’s an entertaining technique used in a surprising number of songs. Some popular examples include:

  • The “hush, just stop” in Stronger by Britney Spears.
  • In Sober by Pink when she sings “I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence…”
  • When Alanis Morissette stops the track with “Why are you so petrified of silence? Here can you handle this?”
  • Beyoncé brags about the power of her digital drop with the lyrics World stop… Carry on” in Feeling Myself with Nicki Minaj.
  • Little Mix’s Sweet Melody stops the track during the lyric “But I stopped in my tracks… when I heard this melody”.
  • During The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweet Transvestite makes catches our attention with “I see you shiver with antici… pation.”

Each of the songs contains a dramatic pause in the middle of the song so hush, just stop and listen to the themed playlist below!

Spotify Playlist

This site is dedicated to fun playlist themes! Have we missed a song that should be included in this playlist? Comment below to let us know — we’ll add it!

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