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Songs About Math

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Mathematics is a fascinating subject that has inspired countless artists over the years, and music is no exception. From algebraic equations to geometric shapes, math can be found in various aspects of music. In this playlist, we’ve curated a selection of songs that celebrate math.

From “Pi” by The Kate Bush to “New Math” by Bo Burnham, these songs showcase the beauty and complexity of math through music. Each song on the playlist has been chosen to highlight a different aspect of math, whether it’s simple algebra or complex concepts. So, whether you’re a math enthusiast or just looking for a unique musical experience, this playlist has got you covered.

Math can be a daunting subject, but music can make it more accessible and enjoyable. This playlist is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the intersection between math and music or simply wants to appreciate the creativity of artists who have found inspiration in numbers and equations. So, sit back, relax, and let these songs take you on a musical journey through the world of math.

Songs With Math Concepts

Spotify Playlist

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