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Pop Songs That Use a Violin

britney spears in the toxic music video

Let’s face it. The violin isn’t the coolest of instruments. If you ask a kid if he wants to learn the guitar or the violin, which one do you think he’ll choose?

The violin doesn’t feature a lot in pop music and that may be what makes it so striking when we do hear it. In this playlist, we’ll listen to songs that primarily use the violin in their music. So, it can’t just have a violin as part of the song somewhere in the background. It has to be obvious and noticeable.

Britney’s Toxic was definitely the inspiration for this playlist with its iconic violin-driven beat that still feels fresh today. And when you listen to Untouched by The Veronicas, the poppy violin intro will hook you in every time.

Did we miss any songs? Let us know in the comments.

Pop Songs with Violin

Spotify playlist:

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